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Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

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Do you ever get a craving for something sweet but you don’t want to veer off of your nutrition plan? Well you’re in luck because my peanut butter freezer fudge is made with just 4 simple ingredients that are perfect for a low carb lifestyle! If you’re living the FASTer Way, you can make these work on regular macro days as well!


1 cup peanut butter 

2 tbsp softened coconut oil (not melted)

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


  1. Add peanut butter to microwave safe dish and heat for 30 seconds.
  2. Remove peanut butter from microwave and stir. 
  3. Add coconut oil, maple syrup, and vanilla extract to peanut butter and stir until combined. 
  4. Line mini muffin pan with 16 liners.
  5. Add mixture to muffin cups.
  6. Place muffin pan in freezer for 2 hours to set.
  7. Keeping fudge in muffin cups, remove the cups from the muffin pan and place them in a freezer storage container.
  8. Store in freezer for up to 2 weeks. (If they last that long!)

Tips and Variations:

  1. Unrefined coconut oil will add a coconut flavor while refined coconut oil will not. You can use either for this recipe.
  2. Top with flaky sea salt or pink Himalayan salt before placing in freezer if you like sweet and salty treats.
  3. Split recipe in half and add 2 tbsp cacao powder to one half. Layer in muffin cups to create chocolate peanut butter cups!
  4. Add 3 tbsp cacao powder to mixture for a chocolaty flavor.
  5. Add mini dark chocolate chips to mixture before spooning into muffin cups.
  6. Use nut butter of your choice. If using almond butter, add an extra tbsp of maple syrup to recipe.

Macros per 1 piece serving: (one muffin cup is one piece)

Carbs 4.4g, Fiber 1g, Fat 9.8g, Protein 3.5g

Sharing is caring!

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