Is Microblading Worth It?

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I spent over a year researching microblading artists in my area before I finally found one I felt I could trust to transform my eyebrows. 

That’s my biggest piece of advice: do your research and choose an artist you feel can meet your expectations. I followed countless Instagram profiles and studied their work before I made my decision. I saw some really good work and I saw some really bad work. My brows are on my face and they have to be perfect. That’s why I did so much research. 

There are countless “pros” to getting your eyebrows microbladed and only a few “cons.” I’m going to share my experience and what having micro bladed eyebrows does for me personally. These are my opinions and they may differ from yours. But hopefully I can offer you some insight so you can make an informed decision.

Microblading has boosted my confidence! I used to spend up to ten minutes every day filling in my eyebrows. You see, I was a victim of the over plucked brow trends of the 1990s, and my eyebrow hairs had stopped growing years ago. I was left with sparse hairs that were unshapely and merely resembled eyebrows. I felt the need to wear makeup daily or to at least fill in my brow hairs on no makeup days in order to look like a “put-together human.”

The day of my first microblading appointments was one of the most exciting days in my life! My artist painted perfectly shaped, beautiful eyebrows that brightened up my face and left me feeling complete. I walked away that day feeling like she had given me the brows I would have had if I hadn’t over plucked in high school. They looked natural and fit my face perfectly. My brows faded rather quickly but still had some shape to them before my second appointment. The second appointment is usually around six to eight weeks after the initial appointment and is said to “seal the deal.” After my second appointment, my brows were perfect once again, and they were darker that time too. 

My artist is very conservative during the first appointment to “ease” you into your new eyebrows and to make sure the color matches perfectly with your hair and skin. The second appointment is much faster because you already have the “hair strokes” and shape in place, so there’s no need for measurements like in the first appointment. After the second appointment, you shouldn’t need to have your brows touched up for at least six to twelve months. I waited seven months between the second and third appointments. 

I still had a great shape when I went in for my bi-annual touchup. I was barely filling in my brows on days when I wore makeup, but I wanted to have perfect brows without having to fill them in again. The touchup was quick, but it hurt a lot more than the first two appointments. My artist uses numbing cream but it seemed to be more effective during the first two appointments. My guess is that I have more scar tissue in my brows now, and “scraping” through that tissue with the microblading needle caused the pain. The pain isn’t intolerable and it fades rather quickly. 

I don’t wear makeup much since getting microbladed, and when I do it only takes six minutes to do a natural look! I feel complete and put-together with minimal effort which is perfect for this busy working momma!

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the pros of microblading, so let’s talk about the cons. One con I want you to consider is that if you choose an artist hastily, you could have messed up brows until they fade. It’s also important to choose an artist who practices advanced hygiene techniques to prevent infection. Other than that, the cons are based on aftercare. 

Taking care of your new eyebrows is a pain in the butt! My artist uses a “wet” technique, which means that for the first day, you have to wash your brows every hour. Then you cleanse them five times a day for 10 days after that. The cleansing process is quick, but you have to make the time for it if you want your new brows to last. It involves washing your brows with electrolyte water and Cetaphil soap using cotton rounds and then applying ointment. You can’t get your eyebrows wet when you shower and wash your hair, which is a challenge! 

On day one you’ll notice your brows getting darker by the minute. By day two, you’ll look like a clown with giant red eyebrows…this is normal! A few days after that, your shape and the color will soften and look more natural. Then after a week or two your brows will look really light. A couple of weeks after that, your brows will appear a little darker again. It’s all because of cell turnover and it’s completely normal and to be expected. My artist gave me a picture chart to show me what to expect so nothing seemed out of the blue!

No matter where I’m living, I will always go back to Louisville, KY to see Jessica Francis Yniguez at Mirror Mirror Louisville! Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mirrormirrorlouisville/ for amazing brow transformations and appointment booking! She is the only person I will trust to microblade my eyebrows!

I will continue to get my brows touched up every six to twelve months indefinitely! It has simplified my daily routine and left me feeling beautiful even without makeup! I highly recommend microblading as a whole, as well as my artist. She is so sweet and so accommodating to my initial anxiety and weirdness! If you want to book with her, do it quickly because she stays booked about seven months out! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have! I hope I’ve helped you make an informed decision about microblading!

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