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Ladies, we all know that bad sex can ruin your relationship and leave you feeling dissatisfied. But with my advice you’ll be on your way to having the best sex of your life! I’m going to share my top four tips for amazing sex, and they all lead back to number one: CONFIDENCE.

  1. CONFIDENCE: Forget lingerie and high heels, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear! Sexy time is not the time to internally pick yourself apart. We’ve all done it: does my breath smell bad, do I look ok at this angle, is he comparing me to someone else? We’re human, and it’s easy to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, but during sex is not the time to do it. This is the time when you need to tell yourself you’re hot shit and own it! Your partner chose to be with you, and if his “parts” are working, then you’re obviously doing something right! So be present in the moment and have confidence.
  2. COMMUNICATION: You have to communicate with your partner. If you don’t like something he’s doing, speak up! Men are not mind readers, so you can’t expect him to know you don’t like something unless you tell him. The same rule applies If there’s something you’d like to try. He’s there to satisfy your needs, so make your needs known. 
  3. TRYING NEW THINGS: Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may end up finding out you like things you never thought you’d like. Or maybe he knows a trick you’ve never thought of that will completely blow your mind. Be open to new things, but always know that you can say no.
  4. SAYING NO: It’s ok to say no to sex. Some nights you just aren’t in the mood or you’re on your period or you just want to go to sleep. You don’t have to have sex just because he wants to. It needs to be mutual. So know that you can always say no, without feeling guilty and without worrying that he will go out and “get it somewhere else.” But it’s also important not to make excuses because your confidence is lacking. We’ve all felt a little gun-shy and made an excuse for saying no, like, “I haven’t shaved my legs.” Excuses are usually the result of your insecurities, so don’t let an excuse be the reason you say no. 

Do you see how all of these things lead back to confidence? Have the confidence to speak up for yourself. Have the confidence to try something new. And always have the confidence to say no when you need to. Sex is supposed to be an act between two people who are crazy about each other, and it’s supposed to be pleasurable for both of you! So get out there and tell yourself that you are a beautiful, sexual creature who deserves to be satisfied! 

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