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Most Frequently Asked Questions About the FASTer Way

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I get questions all the time about the FASTer Way lifestyle, so I’ve decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions. I hope this gives you more insight into the program so you can make an informed decision when choosing if the FASTer Way is right for you!

  1. Will coffee break my fast? No. Black coffee will not break your fast. There are certain creamers and sweeteners that can be used as well. I offer a more comprehensive list to my clients in our Facebook group after registration.
  1. Do I have to do the workouts? The FASTer Way workouts are designed to boost your results and get you fit with minimal effort. But they are only a part of the program. I have had clients have amazing results without exercise. 80% of your results will come from nutrition.
  1. What if I can’t fast the full 16 hours every day? Start at 12 hours and work your way up to 16. In the FASTer Way, we practice progress over perfection.
  1. Do I have to eat from 12 to 8pm? No. You will choose an 8 hour window that works for your schedule. I have had clients who work nightshift, so their eating window was from 6pm-2am. The FASTer Way is designed to fit YOUR schedule!
  1. What happens after my six week round? Well, you have options. One, you can sign up for our monthly VIP membership for access to new workouts, new meal plans, live chats with health experts, daily accountability, and live workouts! Two, you can continue the nutrition portion of the program on your own and ask me questions when they arise. I will be your coach for life, so you can reach out to me at any time following your 6 week round. Three, you can sign up for another 6 week round to really cement the lifestyle before joining the VIP program.
  1. What exactly do you do as a coach? As a certified FASTer Way coach, I’m a teacher, leader, and motivator. I will post to our Facebook group every day to teach you about the FASTer Way and help you meet your unique macro goals. I will hold your hand as you embark on your wellness journey and answer all questions you have. If you live near me and need me to accompany you to the grocery store or sit down and explain things in person to you, I will be happy to do so! I will hold you accountable each day to make sure you are meeting your goals so you get the results you’re seeking.
  1. What if it doesn’t work for me? The only time the program doesn’t work for someone is when they don’t follow it. I promise you that if you meet your macro goals every day, you WILL have results!
  1. I have a really busy schedule. How much time do I have to put in to the FASTer Way? The workouts take less than 30 minutes a day. Preplanning your meals and logging your food will add about 10 minutes to your schedule each day.
  1. Can I still drink alcohol? While we ask that you limit alcohol for the first 6 weeks, we also understand that some people enjoy a drink with dinner. I will teach you how to track your alcohol the FASTer Way to fit within your daily macro goals.
  1. What is included in the $199? 6 weeks with a certified coach, AKA me, to teach you about the FASTer Way lifestyle. You’ll have access to your own private portal for workouts and the science behind why we practice the strategies we use in the FASTer Way. You’ll receive a full 6 week meal plan, which is optional to use. Six full weeks of workouts will be laid out for you to boost your results. Macro goals individually tailored to your needs will be set up after registration. During the 6 weeks, I will be here motivating you, encouraging you, holding you accountable, teaching you, and helping you thrive!
  1. Is it realistic to think I can lose 20-30 pounds in 6 weeks? Absolutely! Most of my clients lose 1-2 pant sizes in their first 6 week round. 
  1. I have hypothyroidism. Will the program work for me? Yes! All of my clients with hypothyroidism have been amazed they are able to lose weight and feel more energized with the FASTer Way!
  1. I’m diabetic. Will that be a problem? My advice is to discuss the program with your doctor before registering. I have had diabetic patients who have seen a reduction in symptoms and improved overall health in addition to incredible weight loss!
  1. How long does it take to do the workouts? The majority of the FASTer Way workouts can be completed in less than 30 minutes!
  1. I have a personal trainer. Can I continue doing those workouts? Yes. There is a method to the FASTer Way workouts though. They are designed to follow our nutrition schedule. Once you register, we can discuss this in more detail so you can let your trainer know what days to concentrate on cardio vs strength training.
  1. Do I have to have a gym membership? No. We have gym, at home, and low impact workout options. All are effective and designed to fit YOUR individual needs.
  1. What kind of equipment do I need to get started? If you will be working out at home, I suggest investing in two sets of dumbbells at weights that will let you complete the workout but still challenge you. A resistance band is also a good investment. That’s really all you will need for most workouts!
  1. Are there shakes or supplements to buy? Nope! We eat real food.
  1. I have bad knees. Are there modifications for the workouts? Each exercise has a demonstration attached to it. Most of them also have modifications shown. If you choose to follow along with the video, there is always a person designated to showing the modified moves!
  1. Will my medications break my fast? This question is complicated. In theory, anything that causes an insulin response will break your fast. The only person who can tell you to take your meds at a different time is the person who prescribes them. Please take all meds as prescribed. If you want to take your meds at a later time when you break your fast, that is something you will need to discuss with your prescriber. I have countless clients who have amazing results and they take their medications in the morning when they wake up.
  1. Is it a scam? Nope! If you do the work you’ll get the results!
  1. Do I have to buy special foods? Because the FASTer Way is a lifestyle, we want you to eat the foods you love while making healthier choices. There are no special foods to buy!

I hope this answers some of your questions and concerns about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions I did not cover here. 

If you’re ready to get signed up or learn more, please follow this link! https://www.fasterwaycoach.com/#Swearer

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