10 Year Challenge

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I was scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feeds and saw everyone posting pics for the 10 year challenge. I thought it would be fun to join in, so I went through some old pics on my Facebook page and compared them to this year. To say I’m speechless is an understatement. I don’t even recognize 2009 me anymore, and it’s not because I lost weight and learned how to properly apply my makeup.

2009 me was overweight, depressed, and unhappy. She was stuck in a dead-end job and a loveless marriage. Her self-confidence was at an all-time low. The pic I chose for the challenge is one from a trip to Disney. I had a genuine smile on my face because I was in a magical place. My smile is the one constant through the years and I have the wrinkles to prove it! But I was also stepmom to an amazing little boy during that time and looking back through those pics today brought about some tears. I always miss him most this time of year. He made me an ornament every year throughout the time I was allowed to be in his life, and I still hang them at the top of my tree each year. His little smile and goofy personality melted my heart. 

Fast forward to 2019. I’m at my overall healthiest. I FEEL better than I’ve ever felt, and my confidence is at an all-time high. And let’s not forget the biggest change to come to me in the past 10 years, my son. He is the greatest part of me, my little motivator, my heart, my tiny best friend. He has filled part of the void from losing my stepson nearly 8 years ago when I finally found the courage to leave an unhappy marriage. 

God has blessed me over and over again in the past 10 years. I finally found Jessica, the woman I was always meant to be. And then I found Alex, the love of my life, who encourages me to continue bettering myself and to follow my dreams. Shane came along and competed me as a person. 

Looking back through 10 years of my life has been mind-blowing! I’m happy I don’t know 2009 me anymore. But I’m even happier she is finally who she was always meant to be.

Sharing is caring!

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